Estimating Project Management Costs


This week we were tasked with finding resources that can be used in allocating the resources and estimating the costs associated with an ID project.


BUB image for blog assignment week 5


In order to prepare for this assignment, we were asked to conduct a web search (listservs, message boards, blogs) and locate at least two resources that would be useful in estimating the costs, effort, and/or activity durations associated with ID projects.  While researching I came across these amazing sites while doing my research for this week’s assignment. I hope that you will find them as beneficial as I did.

The first site is a blog site. This site focuses on budgeting, training cost guidelines, estimation of developmental hours, eLearning, development times to create one-hour e-Learning, Instructional preparation time, seat time, interactive multimedia instruction and interactive courseware.

Graphic-Design phase week 7

This blog outlines for the reader the various aspects of building a budget and things that need to be considered when building a training budget. This Blogger has even listed a few resources for the reader to reference. Where to find stock photos, where to access information in order to record a professional recording etc. and a Case Study to reference about Verizon Communications e-learning.


The second resource I found was another incredible site


This particular site does not just offer information about estimating costs for instructional design projects. This site also offers information about Leadership skills, Team Management, Project Management, Time Management etc. I found that this site offered various topics of interest that would prove beneficial for anyone in the field of design or project management.


I really enjoyed researching these helpful resources and learning more about the many resources that are out there for us designers and project managers to reference. I hope that you find these resources just as useful as I did.










2 thoughts on “Estimating Project Management Costs

  1. Hi Robine,

    Thank you for the helpful links! I particularly found the site interesting, with some good pointers. The guidelines for estimating training costs and development hours would be a great resource for those new (and “old”) to project management. I also appreciate the estimations for various development times, depending upon complexity and whether synchronous or asynchronous. I will definitely be bookmarking this site.

    Thanks again so much for the helpful resources!



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